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Wardrobe Malfunctions that Brighten Every Man’s Day



Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Girls love shoes and clothes more than they do their children, lap dogs and especially their boyfriends / husbands, but the good thing for us guys is that fashion is always evolving. With clothes getting smaller and tighter, our sometimes boring days turn all the brighter when our eyes lay hold of a gal having an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Take a look at these ones…

Butt needs to cool off too, ya know…

girl malfunction, butt

She went full retard…

girl malfunction 1

Look at me, I’m so cool…

girl malfunction, tight clothes

We call this one “Gone with the Wind”…

girl malfunction, skirt up

Happily ever after…

girl malfunction, wedding

Gravity sometimes works wonders on women…

girl malfunction, right boob

Hey, what are you hiding over there?

girl malfunction, pool

I don’t get it…

girl malfunction, cut jeans

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