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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Stars in New Baywatch Movie



Dwayne Johnson Working out

Cue slo-mo running on the beach, Baywatch style. But instead of David Hasselhoff, picture Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson doing the running. That’s right, the wrestler-turned-actor plays the lead role in the new Baywatch movie.

Despite its pop culture status, the Baywatch TV show was actually cancelled after just one season on the air. The series did, however, play successfully in syndication for ten years in 148 different countries, and was translated into 44 different languages.

There have been talks about making a Baywatch movie for years, but not until now has the project gained some traction. Dwayne Johnson is loosely attached to star, with Justin Malen (Bad Teacher 2) set to rewrite the script. Comedy writers Sean Anders and John Morris, the guys behind We’re the Millers, are the directors.

Dwayne Johnson or David Hasselhoff — who is more manly?

Source: MovieTribute

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