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Hennessey Elevates New Ford Mustang GT with 717HP



New Ford Mustang GT, Hennessey

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With its blunt mug, bulky proportions and more capable architecture, the new Ford Mustang is just begging to be tuned. Hennessey Performance is one of the first tuning houses to get their hands on the American muscle car, and the tuning program they have announced will make any Mustang fanboy jump with glee.

Starting off with a V8 Mustang GT, the team added unique carbon fiber bodywork complete with a custom front splitter, side skirts, rear lip spoiler and rear diffuser — enhancing the car’s downforce in the process.

The stock, 420 horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine has also been heavily tweaked, gaining a new supercharger with 7.25 psi of boost, a new stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded fuel injectors and pumps, and an updated ECU. All that tinkering has boosted output to 620 hp / 595 lb-ft. of torque in the program’s HPE600 variant and 717 hp / 632 lb-ft. in the more desirable HPE700. Need we ask which one you want to toss around?

The HPE700 Mustang, in particular, is capable of reaching 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill in 3.6 seconds and run the quarter mile in 11.2 seconds at an average speed of 131 mph (210 km/h).

A set of 19- or 20-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2 tires provides both variants of Hennessey’s performance-tuned Mustangs with superior cornering, while a Brembo brake package featuring 15.1-inch front rotors does its part to keep their immense power in check.

Only 500 units of Hennessey’s performance-tuned Ford Mustang GT models will be produced, with prices starting at $59,500 US (47,200 EUR). Do you want one?

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