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Gillette Fails At Shaming Men With Insulting Commercial



Depressed Man, Black and White

The idiom “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is solid piece of wisdom that was clearly lost on Gillette.

By now, you have probably seen Gillette’s cringe-worthy “Is This The Best A Man Can Get?” commercial that tries to shame men and their masculinity but falls flat on its face, potentially costing the company millions of loyal customers and, consequentially, a boatload of profits.

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It’s bad enough that Gillette attempts to lambaste the very people that greatly sustain its business, but it’s worse that it went about it in a patronizing, disingenuous and downright misleading manner. The message it wanted to convey is a far-cry from the truth.

It’s mind-boggling how many things the commercial go wrong, so feel free to point out anything I miss or misinterpret.

For starters, it shamelessly wants us to believe that masculinity “toxic masculinity” is the root cause of bullying, an epidemic that’s supposedly the exclusive domain of men and only condoned by women. But the last time I checked, women are just as capable as men to bully, and bullying among women, be it on the school playground or at work, is commonplace.

Women bullying women, women emasculating men — we’ve all seen or heard of at least one example. The queen bee syndrome is a serous issue that cannot be understated.

Also, the vibe one gets from all the guilt-ridden, depressed-looking men in the commercial is that all men are in some way or another a bully, and that we should be ashamed for it. How the mastermind behind this sad excuse for a public service announcement came to that conclusion warrants an explanation.

Finally, everyone — men and women — and their dog condones bullying, so having only males perpetrate the bullying and females consoling the bullied is misleading.

Barbie sexual harassment

Masculinity Is Sexual Harassment

Next up is the “issue” of sexual harassment, which, if we are to believe, is cool and accepted my boys and men alike, a mindset that’s gladly passed down from father to son and from the male-dominated corporate world to a bunch of mindless buffoons.

News flash! Not all men accept, tolerate or condone sexual harassment, a term that has almost lost its meaning in today’s me too environment. In fact, most men shun any form of blatant sexual harassment, but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that.

Masculinity is not synonymous with sexual harassment or sexual assault and it never was. Yes, there are some men who partake in such behavior, but guess what? There are some women who do as well.

Reports of teachers accused of unlawful sexual relationships with their students continue to make headlines. They are a dime a dozen.

Mansplaining Is A Serious Issue

Mansplaining, a new portmanteau defined as “explaining something to someone, typically a man to a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing,” was also brought up.

In other words, mansplaining is not when a man explains something to a woman; rather, it’s when a man explains something to you in a condescending manner. This is an important distinction that many women fail to make.

The behavior of mansplaining has been around for centuries, but while it is true that men are more likely to interrupt others when talking, particularly in an intrusive manner, women are more likely to be interrupted, both by men and by other women.

In a volatile landscape where every man seems to be walking on egg shells to not risk upsetting women, mansplaining is less of a problem today than it ever was. Plus, are today’s women so spineless that they can’t shut down a man who mansplains them?

Man Fist Punch

Violence Is OK; Boys Will Boys

When was the last time you saw two boys tussling and no one, be it man or woman, break them apart, possibly even scolding them for their inappropriate behavior? Better yet, when was the last time you saw a man encourage such behavior, if ever? Oh, right, in the Gillette commercial!

In over 30 years on this earth, I have never seen a single man cheer on children as they scolded each other, let alone fight. You know why? Because things like that just don’t happen, at least not in the frequency that
Gillette wants us to believe.

Violence is just not something most men pass down to their children. On the contrary, respect and tolerance are virtues they strive to instill.

A a man talking to a woman. There is nothing wrong with a man finding a woman attractive and then approaching her.

It’s Wrong To Find Women Attractive

Apparently, when you see a woman that you’re attracted to, it’s not cool to go after her in any manner. Either let her come after you or leave her the damn alone, but never ever make the first move.

That of course begs the question: Since when was it a crime for a man to find a woman attractive and then pursue her appropriately?

Oh, right, no matter what a man does nowadays, it’s sexual harassment. Hitting on a woman is unhealthy and unnatural. It’s degenerate.

It’s a wonder how humans were able to evolve if all men did was sit on their hands and watch the women go about their business.

Gillette, here’s a history lesson: Our survival as a species was largely predicated on men having the confidence to approach and engage women. Just about every single person on Earth exists because a man talked to a woman at some point.

Father with daughter

Fathers Don’t Empower Their Daughters

We are shown a scene of a father having her young daughter affirm to herself that she’s strong, basically inferring that father’s empowering their daughters is a virtue that’s lost on most men.

Most espouse their beauty and femininity of their daughters, but what’s wrong with that? After all, women are not biologically the same as men and are programmed to exhibit certain behaviors and predilections as nature intended.

Good fathers, of whom there are many, teach their daughters to embrace their femininity all the while helping them realize their strengths . Good fathers make it their life mission to instill in their daughters the mindset that anything is possible in the hopes of raising a strong and independent woman.

Empowering their daughters every second they are with them is an innate characteristic of most fathers.

Group of happy men. Quality men hold other men accountable.

Men Don’t Hold Other Men Accountable

“Men need to hold other men accountable,” says Terry Crews in a scene of him in court recounting his experience of sexual abuse at the hands of a Hollywood talent agent. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor came forward with his story to show solidarity with women who were sharing their own #MeToo stories.

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse debacle, feminists and their allies have made all man complicit in an imaginary escapade of sexual abuse and female victimization, painting them as degenerates who don’t know right from wrong and refuse to hold each other accountable, and this is precisely what the Gillette commercial is parroting.

Considering that our would was built on the backs of men — yes, I dare say that! — we would still be stuck in the stone age if men could not and did not hold other men accountable to be trustworthy and responsible. Civilization and modernity? Those words probably wouldn’t exist in our vocabulary.

To all the quality men reading this, if the men in your life don’t hold you accountable for your actions then you need to find a new circle.

Good Men Don’t Tolerate Disrespect

I’m not quite sure what Procter & Gamble, the parent company of Gillette, was trying to accomplish with its attempt at shaming men and their masculinity, but it all seemed forced and contrived and certainly didn’t do the company any good. The result? A seemingly countless number of men have sworn off buying any of its product.

But can you blame any man for running to the competition? Men aren’t perfect, but the sheer audacity to promote such blatantly unreasonable generalizations in such a condescending manner deserves the utmost indignation.

Men aren’t children who need to be told or even reminded that treating women with respect, not condoning violence, holding each other accountable and empowering our sons and daughters is the way to go. We do that naturally.

Gillette and, by extension, Procter & Gamble, bit the hand that feeds them, and now they must contend with the consequences for years to come.

What did you think about the Gillette commercial? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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