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10 Best Hair Fibers For Balding Men With Thinning Hair

We review and rank the best hair fibers for thinning hair.

Hair loss is a fact of life for many men, but the onset of hair loss is often accompanied by a drop in self-confidence and even shame. It can make even the most confident and accomplished man feel neutered.

And why wouldn’t they? A full head of hair has long been a symbol of youthful vitality, physical attraction, and female seduction, while baldness connotes sterility.

There has been no shortage of hair loss products and procedures that attempt to address man’s crippling fear of hair loss, but all have had varying results. However, one solution, hair fibers, might be a bit different

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As a quick and easy fix for getting the appearance of thicker, fuller-looking hair instantly, the hair loss concealer has taken the world of men’s grooming by storm.

In this article, we look at 10 of the best hair fibers for balding men on the market, including our top pick, TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair. But first, a quick rundown of what hair fibers are, how they work, and who can use them.

What Are Hair Fibers

Also known as hair loss concealers, hair fibers are little, electrostatic energized strands of fibers that bind with existing hair to give the appearance of fuller-looking hair. They can be made from natural or non-natural materials, and come in various colors.

Most hair fiber products use keratin, the same protein found in human hair, while some are sourced from real human hair and cotton.

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You would think natural hair makes for the best hair fibers and delivers the most realistic results, but keratin and cotton fibers achieve great results, as well.

Hair Fibers Don’t Regrow Hair

Hair fibers can look so natural that people mistaken them for real hair. Unfortunately, they are not your real hair.

Hair fibers don’t prevent hair loss or regrow hair. Instead, they create the appearance of thicker and fuller hair, helping to alleviate the emotional stress of going bald.

Who Can Use Hair Fibers?

Both men and women can use hair fibers, and on any part of the body that grows hair. However, they work best on thinning areas of the head that have some hair and on small bald spots.

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Too Manly Fuller Hair Fibers Before, After

You can apply hair fibers on large bald spots, but the results won’t look very natural.

Things To Consider When Buying Hair Fibers

No one wants to waste their money buying a bad product or service. In the case of hair fibers, making the wrong choice may lead to some embarrassment.

Don’t be that guy at the party who gets talked about for having fake hair. Before setting out to find quality hair fibers, consider the following 6 criteria:

  1. Does it match your hair color? You would be surprised at how many people make the mistake of buying hair loss concealers that are shades different from their natural hair color. Needless to say, you will stand out like a sore thumb and possibly even look foolish if your hair fibers have a different color than your hair.
  2. Is it easy to apply? One of the things we look for in the best hair fibers is their ease of use. Applying your concealer shouldn’t be time-consuming — it should be easy.
  3. Does it work on every hairstyle? Your chosen hair fiber product should work with any hair type or hairstyle. Whether you’re caucasian, Asian or African, with hair that’s straight, curly, thin, nappy, or long / short, it should look natural when applied.
  4. What materials are they made from? As mentioned earlier, hair fibers can be made from natural or non-natural materials that can affect how realistic your hair looks after applying them. For instance, there is nothing more natural than fibers made from real human hair, while wool fibers don’t necessarily work well with all hair types.
  5. How resistant are they to damage? The best hair fibers have strong staying power, with high resistance to wind, water, humidity, and sweat. They shouldn’t easily unbind from your hair when exposed to the sun and water, even when you go swimming.
  6. Are they skin-friendly? Some hair fibers are gentler on the skin than others, so make sure to choose one that won’t irritate your scalp or give you other unwanted symptoms.

All six criteria are used in our evaluation of the top 10 best hair fibers, so keep them in mind when going through the list.

Top 10 Best Hair Fibers For Balding Men

With so many hair concealer products sprouting like mushrooms, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best one that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that hair fibers do not regrow hair but rather create the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. They work best during the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 to 3), particularly on areas of the head that still have some hair. They don’t work as well on significant bald spots.

Without further adieu, here are our top 10 best hair fibers on the market today!

1. TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair


When we set out to answer the cry of the millions of men battling hair loss, we wanted to deliver a product that not only offered the highest quality, but also the best price. TooManly Hair Fibers is the best hair fibers of 2020 simply because it offers the best value.

Like all the products on the list, TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers look so natural on your head that people would think you are not using a concealer. They are sourced from natural plant fibers that bond to hair follicles strongly, safely and effectively.

Having a strong bond makes them very resistant to the elements, be it wind, rain, or heat. They also won’t smear or stain your clothes.

TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers are safe to use on sensitive skin. They don’t contain harmful fillers or synthetic dyes, which have been known to cause skin irritations and other health issues, nor do they use any animal ingredients.

TooManly FULLER works well on any hair type, from normal to coarse, thick and thin, and straight to curly. It works on black African hair, Caucasian hair, East Asian hair, and Indian hair.

You will definitely appreciate how quickly it works to conceal the thinning and balding areas of your head. All you need is a quick dab on the thinning area, and you’re good to go.


  • Very affordable
  • Offers a nice coverage
  • Looks very natural
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Easy on sensitive scalp
  • Doesn’t stain fabrics


  • Few colors options

Final Thoughts

TooManly Hair Fibers might be one of the new kids on the block, but it is quickly making a name for itself. Not only does it work well at making thinning hair look fuller and thicker, but it is also safe to use and very affordable.

2. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Best Hair Fibers Caboki

No list of best hair fibers would be complete without Caboki, arguably the brand that started the whole hair fibers craze. Caboki didn’t make our list because it’s popular; we included it because it’s an excellent hair loss concealer.

Like all the products on the list, it offers a natural look that is very convincing to people. It bonds strongly to your preexisting hair; very resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration; and doesn’t cause stains.

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Too Manly Fuller Hair Fibers Before, After

The ingredients are all-natural, with no harmful fillers, artificial colors, or animal parts, and this makes it safe even for those with sensitive scalp.

Caboki comes in three sizes, with the smallest bottle lasting you two weeks or more depending on the severity of your balding and the largest bottle (30 grams) lasting up to 90 days.

Finally, like TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers, it is relatively easy to apply.


  • Different size options
  • Offers nice coverage
  • Safe on sensitive scalp
  • Doesn’t stain clothing


  • Relatively expensive
  • Can get a little messy

Final Thoughts

Caboki’s Hair Loss Concealer always ranks high on a lot of best-of reviews, and for good reason. Despite being one of the oldest brands on the market, it is a high quality product that remains a favorite of many customers.

3. Dermmatch Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer

DermMatch Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer

The Dermmatch Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer is unique in that it isn’t a hair fiber product. Rather, it is a cream that is directly applied over the scalp using a specially-designed applicator to achieve the appearance of thicker hair.

Unlike hair fibers, which bind to existing hair strands, Dermmatch’s cream is literally attached to your scalp. This makes it more difficult to remove, and therefore, virtually waterproof, unlike many powders and sprays.

The ingredients are all botanical, with the colorants coming from mineral and plant sources. It contains emollients that moisturize, soothe, and soften your skin.

Dermmatch comes in eight different shades that can be blended to shades, allowing users to match a wide variety of natural hair and skin colors.

According to the company, a standard container (disc) of of its hair loss concealer lasts three times longer than fibers and sprays when used as intended.

A drawback of the Dermmatch Hair Loss Concealer is that it goes on “damp,” requiring approximately 10 minutes to dry. People often in a hurry will need to plan accordingly to prevent the cream from rubbing off.


  • Waterproof
  • Safe on sensitive scalp
  • Doesn’t stain clothing


  • Very expensive
  • Can rub off if not given sufficient time to dry

Final Thoughts

Having a hair concealer cream on a top 10 best hair fibers list shouldn’t be a head-scratcher — it works much in the same as all the other products. With its unique approach to giving you thicker, fuller-looking hair, DermMatch is an excellent and effective alternative to conventional hair fibers.

4. Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Best Hair Fibers Toppik

Like Caboki, Toppik is a household name in the world of hair loss concealers, frequently popping up in discussions about the best hair fibers. The company produces an array of products for men and women with thinning hair.

Toppik is popular not because it’s big, but because it makes great hair fibers. They are virtually identically to TooManly FULLER Hair Fibers, which means you get natural-looking hair that appears thicker and fuller.

Moreover, all the ingredients and colorants come from natural sources, and you can rest assured that the fibers won’t stain and ruin your clothes and are resistant to the elements and and sweat, though they can be easily washed out with shampoo.

Toppik hair building fibers come in an impressive nine shades, which can be mixed and matched to any hair color.

But you pay a premium for the brand recognition. As with Caboki, Toppik can be expensive, especially when compared to similar products like TooManly FULLER.

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Too Manly Fuller Hair Fibers Before, After


  • Many color options
  • Offers a good coverage
  • Fibers have strong bond, look natural
  • Easy to apply


  • Relatively expensive
  • Can be a bit messy

Final Thoughts

With Toppik’s hair fibers, you get a quality product from a reputable company. Having many colors to choose from makes it easy to match your natural hair color.

5. Samson Best Hair Building Fibers

Samson Hair Loss Concealer

Two things stand out with Samson’s hair fibers: 1) They are not made from animal fibers; 2) they don’t contain keratin.

People who avoid animal products for ethical reasons or because of adverse health reactions to them will be happy with the first point; however, the fact that Samson believes keratin isn’t effective in fiber form is certainly debatable.

Whereas most companies sell their hair fibers exclusively in small containers, Samson sells both refillable bags and dispensing containers. This allows you to more easily have an extra container to store in other places, such as you car or in your office, where you can conveniently touch-up during the day.

Aside from that, Samson hair loss fibers work just as well as most of the products on our list. Assuming you are using it to thicken thinning areas of your scalp rather than significant bald spots, they provide good coverage to make your hair appear a lot thicker and fuller.

You will also find that they are easy to apply, especially when using the electronic sprayer and Hair Fiber Lock Spray that Samson offers; has many colors to choose from (11 in total); very resistant to wind, water and heat; and undetectable to the human eye.


  • Non-irritating, non-animal-derived natural fibers
  • Easily refillable packaging
  • Great coverage on thinning areas
  • Many available colors


  • Has a smell that’s not suitable for everyone
  • Might clump together

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a hair fiber product that is completely natural, isn’t animal derived, easy to use, and does a good job at delivering fuller and thicker-looking hair, make sure to consider Samson’s hair loss fibers. It offers some of the best hair fibers for balding men.

6. Hair Illusion 100% Natural Real Human Hair Fibers

Hair Illusion Hair Building Fibers

Hair Illusion’s Hair Fibers stand out among the hair loss concealer products on our list for two major reasons:

  1. It contains just one ingredient: 100% natural human hair!
  2. It comes in a spray form.

With the first point, it’s hard to argue with Hair Illusion’s claim that, when concealing thinning hair and bald spots, nothing looks more natural than human hair.

Indeed, the company’s electrostatic charged hair fibers bond strongly to your existing hair and scalp to create the ‘illusion’ of a fuller head of hair. They work on all hair types and don’t stain or come off during a sweaty workout or even in heavy rain.

Choose from up to eight different color options, as well as from three bottle sizes — travel, small, and large. A large bottle will last 30 days or longer if used daily.

As for the second point, the fact that most hair fiber products come in power form makes Hair Illusion’s spray-on approach somewhat of a novelty. Although one form isn’t better than another, some users attest that sprays make it easier to get more even distribution over the scalp.

Regardless of your preference, we think this is possibly the best hair concealer spray currently available and a worthy addition to our list of top best hair fibers for thinning hair.


  • 100% natural human hair
  • Most natural-looking hair fibers?
  • Provides more even distribution over thinning area / bald spot?
  • Fast results


  • Expensive
  • Some users find the fibers to be itchy

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the most natural and authentic hair building fibers, Hair Illusion is your best bet. More than that, these hair fibers are easy to apply and are available in a variety of colors.

7. CUVVA Hair Fibers

Cuvva Hair Building Fibers

Yet another solid addition to our list of best hair fibers for balding men. CUVVA is the creator of highly-rated hair loss concealer that offers a quick fix to thinning hair and small bald spots. The company claims it takes only 20 seconds to apply its fibers.

The speedy application is a definite plus; however, rushing out the door to
conquer your day means little if the product doesn’t work as intended. Fortunately, Cuvva delivers the goods:

But rushing out the door to conquer the daily hustle means little if the product doesn’t work as intended. Fortunately, Cuvva delivers results.

Like many other hair concealers, the company bets on the proven power of keratin protein to make fine and thinner hair appear thicker, effectively fill in small bald spots and wide part lines, and improve the texture of any hairstyle.

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Too Manly Fuller Hair Fibers Before, After

As icing on the cake, CUVVA offers a 100% money back guarantee, allowing you to get a full refund if you’re not happy with the results.


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Provides a good coverage, gives hair thicker look
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Has a bit of an odor
  • Has a slight green tint

Final Thoughts

Cuvva delivers a compelling, quick and easy solution for concealing thinning or balding hair. It’s nearly impossible to detect, and the 100% money back guarantee gives you peace of mind.

8. Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers

Strand Maximizer Hair Loss Concealing Fibers

Strand Maximizer’s flagship product makes our list of best hair fibers for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it does an amazing job at concealing thinning hair.

First off, Strand Maximizer ‘hair fibers’ are more powdery than other competing brands. They aren’t oily, nor do they clump.

Just sprinkle them to the thinning area, and watch as the natural keratin powder blends with your hair follicles to create a fuller head of hair that looks natural.

Like Toppik, Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers are available in a wide selection of colors that can be mixed to match any hair color. This makes them excellent for re-touching the roots of your grey hair.

They last long and handle perspiration, wind, rain, and heat very well.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Not greasy or oily
  • Less clumpy than other hair fibers
  • Great for hiding small bald spots
  • Doesn’t stain on fabric


  • Can be messy if not applied correctly

Final Thoughts

Strand Maximizer ticks all the right boxes when it comes to quality hair loss fibers. It is a great choice for anyone experiencing thinning hair and provides a look of fullness that ranks up there with the best hair fibers.

9. Infinity Hair Loss Fibers

Infinity Hair Loss Concealer

Made by Nano Fiber Technology, Infinity Hair Loss Fibers works as intended, effectively concealing thinning hair, small bald spots, and wide parting lines in mere seconds like any quality hair fiber product would.

It is made of organic keratin hair fibers that have been statically charged to bond easily with your existing hair. The company infused the colorants inside of the fibers so that they don’t stain or run on your clothes!

Infinity Hair Loss Fibers easy to use; available in many colors, works on all hair types, and stays in place when exercising, sweating and / or braving the elements, even more so when locked into place with the provided fiber locking spray. Most people won’t be able to tell that you have then on your head.

A minor downside is that the holes of Infinity’s dispensers are smaller than those of competing products, so more shakes are needed to cover your thinning area.


  • Fills the hair nicely
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Waterproof when applied with the locking spray
  • Doesn’t stain and run down the scalp
  • CONS

    • Requires more shakes to cover balding area
    • Can be messy to use

    Final Thoughts

    Infinity Hair Loss Fibers is another great hair fiber product for not just balding men with thinning hair. Like all the products on our list, they make your hair look fuller and thicker in under 30 seconds.

    10. XFusion Hair Fibers

    Fibers XFusion Hair Building Fibers

    XFusion hair fibers are made from keratin sourced from natural wool. Not only does wool have similar qualities to real human hair, but these hair fibers also have small ridges that mimic human hair.

    No matter your hair type and texture, XFusion works well to give your fuller, thicker hair that looks natural. Being statically charged also means the hair fibers stay in place and last long even when exposed to strong winds, heat, rain, and sweat.

    It’s easy to use, requiring you to just sprinkle the fibers on your hair. And you will be happy to know that they don’t create a mess, nor do they irritate the skin.

    It must be noted that some customers have complained about some shades having a greenish tint and the powder clumping up. XFusion also uses the inorganic compound ammonium chloride, so it’s not 100% organically natural like TooManly FULLER and many other products on the market.

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    Too Manly Fuller Hair Fibers Before, After


    • Blends well with your existing hair
    • Looks natural
    • Handles all weather conditions and activity levels


  • Some colors have a greenish tint
  • Uses ammonium chloride
  • The powder clumps
  • Final Thoughts

    XFusion hair fibers round out our list of best hair fibers for balding men, but don’t be fooled by its ranking. Aside from some minor issues, it’s a quality hair fiber product that gives you amazing results.

    Best Hair Fibers: Conclusion

    It’s an unfortunate fact that, just like how all men must die, most men will bald. Losing your can be a big psychological blow that zapps self-confidence, but it’s how you deal with it that really matters.

    Hair concealers and fiber help men bald gracefully by giving them thicker and fuller-looking hair for longer. The rise in their popularity is testament to their effectiveness at mimicking the look of real hair.

    Choosing just 10 products to include in our best hair fibers list was difficult, and that’s because there are many great options out there.

    In fact, aside from some possible concerns you might have with the ingredients, price and other issues, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the hair loss concealers on our list.

    Fear and worry won’t get you anywhere, so stop pulling your hair out over losing your hair. Take action! Hair fibers can help you look your prime and regain your self-confidence almost immediately.

    Do you already use hair fibers to treat your hair loss? If so, what brand and product? Share your feedback in the comments below, and keep reading Too Manly for more awesome content that men love.

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