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What is a self-actualized man if not one who chases after his goals every day he breathes, always strives to be the best in every way he can be, and has disciplined mastery over his impulses?

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A man who at the same time isn’t afraid to embrace who he truly is. That is, an every-growing soul is always in pursuit of knowledge and takes action on what he’s learned; a man who understands that only he creates his reality, not just with his actions, but especially with his thoughts; a man who doesn’t conform to other people’s ideals of happiness or contentment; a man who listens as much as he talks, if not more; a man who isn’t afraid to take life’s hits, fall once in while, pick himself up and rebuild anew better than ever… a man of great resilience and determination.

Solitude? What better opportunity for personal discovery and cultivating one’s individual potential? Autonomy and independence? Necessary to reaching the higher self.

Someone who is his own man, writing his own story and in control of his happiness, destiny and fulfillment. Someone who embodies integrity, honesty, open-mindedness, acceptance, and peace. An individual through and through, yet willing to help his fellow men improve their own lives.

A responsible man, a purpose-driven and principled man, a fearless and confident man, a boundless man, a man of high standards … a free and complete man.

Who We Are

Too Manly was founded in 2013 to explore what it means to be “manly” in the 21st century, sharing the experiences and deepest thoughts of men around the world.

We are a community of determined action-takers striving to self-actualize, learning and growing together by sharing our stories, experiences and wisdom in a world full of opportunities and obstacles.

Our material is geared primarily toward men, but we are not in the woman-bashing business.

What We Do

You have taken the red pill and woken up to the fact that guys today are neither the mindless, sex-obsessed buffoons the media so often portrays us to be; the truth about human nature and how relationships really work; the sheer amount of evil that surrounds us, even in our homes; the increasing disposability of men; and, of course, the urgent need for change, both within and without.

To help you with your journey of self-discovery and actualization, we cover the broad and deep interests of men, be it masculinity, family and fatherhood, sex and relationships, gender, politics, sports, technology, aging or even men’s humor, and foster a smart, compassionate, curious, and open-minded community that encourages debate.

We are a friend, a partner and a support network! Join the discussion.

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