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This Drunk Man Asked Girl Scouts To Trade Vodka For Cookies

Being drunk makes us do stupid things, but bartering alcohol for Girl Scout cookies is beyond tasteless.

That’s exactly what one man in the United States did, and now he has the law to deal with.

According to the Huffington Post, 45-year-old Jerry Swanson of Ardmore, Oklahoma, (pictured below) was arrested after offering some vodka in exchange for thin mint cookies from several Girl Scouts at a local mall.

Vodka for girl scout cookies, man

Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle revealed that Swanson didn’t actually have any alcohol on him at the time, but he was clearly drunk, confused and disoriented based on various field sobriety tests:

“He did tell officers he had been drinking all day… He was unsteady on his feet and basically had to place him in the police car and barely able to walk.”

Swanson was put in jail and booked on a public intoxication charge. His ordeal reminds of this quote:

“If the ocean was vodka and I was a duck I’d swim to the bottom and never come up. But the ocean’s not vodka and I am not a duck so pass me a bottle and shut the f**k up!”

Can you relate?

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