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Stinky Excuse! Taxi Driver Blames Speeding On Passengers’ Farts

Taxi in city night

This is one stinky excuse if I’ve ever heard one, but it’s one we can all probably relate to.

When police officers in Bournemouth, southern England, stopped a unidentified taxi driver for speeding on a Friday night, he shamelessly blamed it on his passengers’ farts.

The traffic police posted details of his hilarious justification to Facebook, alongside the hashtag #NiceTryDidntWork:

It wasn’t revealed exactly how fast the cabbie was traveling, but police said he would likely be made to take a speeding awareness course…

“Alternatively, he could take the three penalty points and £100 fine (around $125). His speed, along with the area he was speeding, was too much to use discretion.”

Can you blame the guy if he was telling truth? Even I’ve tried to run away from my own farts because they were so putrid.

Whose side do you take?

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