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Numbskull Hammers 38 Nails With His Head To Set World Record



A Boston-area man took the saying “men are hard headed” to a whole new level when he hammered 38 nails into a board with his skull, all in an effort to set a world record.

“Hammer Head” John Ferraro nailed his mission, doing so in under two minutes and gaining recognition from the Guinness World Records Italian Show.

The “Hammer Head” has been a record-breaking hit for quite a while and also holds the one-minute record (13 nails), as well as the world record for “Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes” by a male, which he set back in 2011 by breaking 45 blocks.

Just look at this numbskull at work…

How is Ferraro doing this, you’re probably wondering? Well, the man is literally thickheaded… more than twice as thick as the average human, in fact.

His skull measures 16 millimeters in thickness compared to the average person’s 6.5.

He apparently first discovered he had a thick head when he plowed head-first through a wooden door while chasing his brother as a kid.

When Ferraro isn’t nailing his way into glory with his head, he works as a professional wrestler under the name “Gino Martino.”

What, you thought he was an astrophysicist?

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