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South Park’s Take On Donald Trump Is Accurate and Funny



Leave it to South Park to make a serious and possibly disastrous social and political climate funny…

We bet those who predicted Donald Trump’s rise to power didn’t actually think the billionaire businessman would be elected president of the most powerful country the world has ever seen, but here we are with just about everyone losing their minds over the state of global politics. World War 3 anyone?

For the crazy minds behind South Park, however, Trump’s ascendance is a goldmine of comedic material, though even they too were caught off-guard by his surprise victory.

Witness the accuracy at which they portray Mr. Orange, starting off with a serving of sexism…

Not satiated? How about a large side of vanity?

What, you still haven’t had enough? Ah, the hell with it — here is a full course meal of incompetence…

Brace yourself, folks, it’s going to be a very interesting next four years no matter where in the world you live…

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