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Hunter Kills Elk, Gets Impaled on its Antlers




Karma is a bitch, the saying goes. When you kill an elk, the last thing you want is to crash your all-terrain vehicle and landing on the dead animal’s horns.

That’s exactly what happened to Gary Heeter, a 69-year-old hunter who got a first-hand experience of how it feels to be impaled.

According to KATU News, he was out hunting in the U.S. state of Oregon one day when he spotted and shot the elk. When he attached the large carcass to his ATV and proceeded to drag it up a hill, the vehicle tipped over, throwing him onto the antlers.


Random Elk minding their own business

Heeter was lucky to not be hunting alone. His fellow hunters helped stem his blood flow until aid arrived and flew him to a hospital via a helicopter.

None of his major organs were hit and he will make a full recovery, something we can’t say about the poor Elk, which will never see the light of day.

Let’s just hope he eat the poor animal and didn’t kill it just for sport.

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