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Meet The World’s Toughest Guard Dog, He Can Run Up Walls

Ace the superdog

Meet Ace, quite possibly the toughest dog in the history of mankind. If superman had a dog, he would probably be it.

Trained by DarkDynastyK9s, the three-year-old pitbull has many neat tricks up his proverbial sleeves, including the ability to scale buildings and enter them through their windows. He can even recognize handguns and, upon sight, try to disarm the carrier.

Ace is so big and strong that Trainer Marlon Grennan compared being hit by him to “getting hit by an 85lb missile.” With a drooling mouth like that, he also has a bite like a mechanical vice.

Remember Hulk, the world-renowned 175lb (79 kg) pitbull that’s DarkDynasty’s prize guard dog? Well, he’s a cousin..

Hulk is so big that he could barely fit on a sofa, but seems to be cuddly puppy inside when off work and relaxing.

I pity anyone who dares cross paths with wither of the canine wonders.

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