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Brace Yourself for the World’s First Vagina Beauty Contest

What every guy has probably dreamt was real is finally here — the world’s first vagina beauty contest!

Not only is Brian Sloan (it’s probably fitting that his initials are’B.S.’) a passionate toy entrepreneur, but he’s also a visionary who saw a grand opportunity to perfect his wares.

You see, while the vagina beauty contest he concocted is without a doubt long overdue, it was just a means to find the perfect vagina to replicate on one of his sex toys.

What can we say, the guy knows a thing or two about killing two birds with one stone…

Vagina Beauty Contest

According to Elite Daily, Sloan started off by getting ‘everyday women’ to upload pictures of their vulvas for men to rate from 1-10, with the primary goal of determining the type of vagina the Average Joe preferred. He then used the top three finalists to design a new line of products.

You can see the results by clicking here, but be warned — it’s totally not safe for work. Seriously, dud, don’t click on the link if you’re at work or in a public place.

Critics argue that the first vagina beauty contest is sexist and objectifies women. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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