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Floyd Mayweather Is A Dickhead Who Disrespects Boxing?



Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather

Cocky, arrogant Floyd Mayweather is a lot of ‘bad’ things, but is he a dickhead that disrespects boxing? Well, British boxing legend Ricky Hatton seems to think so.

Having fought and lost to both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in the ring, Hatton has criticized the pound for pound best fighter in the world for the way he treats his rivals.

In an interview with The Sun, he said:

“Floyd has his way and I have mine, but there’s a line between selling tickets and disrespecting the sport. What’s the point of being the world’s best fighter if everyone thinks you’re a d***head?”

Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather

Hatton recalled how, before their 2007 fight, Floyd often acted brash and used profanity when addressing him, and also the extent to which he went to satisfy his huge ego.

Describing one certain incident, he said:

A few minutes into the journey, we’re chatting away, having a drink when the pilot gestures to me to come forward.. “Hey Ricky, listen to this idiot.”

He turns on the speaker and over the radio I hear Floyd arguing with the pilot of his plane behind: “I’m not letting that motherf***** get there before me, f***ing overtake them!”

“Overtake that motherf***** – I’m the champ. I’ve got to get to New York first. I’ll pay whatever you want.”

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Floyd Mayweathe looking arrogant

Mayweather was supposedly enraged that Hatton arrived in Michigan before he did and made sure that the pilot flying him overtook the British boxer’s plane during transit.

Then again, he isn’t called Floyd “Money” Mayweather for nothing. I don’t think he cares if you and I thinks he’s a dickhead.

Is he a dickhead?

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