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Police Make Woman Sit In Hot Car After She Locked Her Dog Inside It



Dog In hot Car

They say the best way to develop empathy is to walk in another man’s shoes. One woman learned the meaning of that metaphor first-hand when a police offer made her sit in a hot car as punishment for leaving her dog locked up in it.

People are advised not to leave their pets and babies locked up in their cars (especially on very hot days), because doing so can literally kill them. Such is the seriousness of this matter that police officers in many countries actually have permission to break into cars if they see a dog in distress.

One officer in the United States did one better by making a neglectful woman get into her boiling car to get a taste of what it feels like for her dog to be cooked alive. We don’t think she enjoyed the experience very much…

Dog in oven

She was eventually let out of the car likely in an embarrassed an uncomfortable state. As for her dog, we are glad he was OK.

Animal abuse is not to be taken lightly…

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