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You Can Now Turn Your Dead Loved Ones Into Perfume



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Have you ever loved someone so much that the idea of them leaving this earth makes you depressed? What if you could turn them into perfume once they die — would that make you feel better?

To make the grieving process easier, intrepid French businesswoman Katia Apaletegui has found a way to make perfume that smells like a dead loved one.

The Université du Havre chemist’s technique is not as morbid as it seems. All she does is gather up their favorite possessions (e.g. clothes, pillowcases, etc.), isolate the unique scents and turn them into a fragrance.

Yes, it’s a creepy idea, but not as creepy as using bits of your loved one’s cremation ashes. Even so, we imagine spraying yourself with a dead person’s essence isn’t something that will sit well for most people.

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