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Strange Penis Game Reveals Wife Is Cheating With Best Friend

Strange mother game

While there are few things as painful as finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you with your best friend, the way this Reddit user came across the truth is too bizarre for words. Brace yourselves:

“So when I was about 6, my brother and I would play this game in our room. He slept on one side of the bedroom and I slept on the other. Both of us would be naked under our bed sheets. Than one person would go. You would jump up out of the sheets and try to make the other person laugh by shaking your little dong every where.”

Wow, just wow! If I was a psychologist, I would say his mom had pedophilic, if not incestuous, tendencies. Who plays such a game with their 6-year-old son?

“I told the wife about it today cause we were talking about funny childhood memories and she apparently didn’t find it funny. It was almost like she was waiting for an excuse to leave. She ended up leaving for the night to her friend Carries house.”

Wifey’s suspicious behavior aside, I too would be unnerved by such a story. How could anyone not be taken aback by it?

“Well me being the guy I am went and got some flowers and was on my way to Carries to apologize. Lone behold my wife’s car wasn’t at Carries..:/….I thought Ohh man this isn’t good. I decided to go to my best friends house to go talk to him about everything.

When I show up look who’s car I see parked outside. It’s the wife’s!”

She clearly went over to his best friend’s house to play the penis game with him, but we get the feeling there was not tickling involved…

“My first thought wasn’t good and for obvious reasons. I knock on the door and my friend answers. I told him to “fuck off” and got the hell out of there. I went back to the house, watched some porn and called it a night.”

Okay now… The perverted games with his mother clearly did a number on him.

“She’s tried calling a million times and coming to the house. Worst. Day. Ever….I did learn I can always count on the wiener game to bring out the truth in people so that’s a win.”

I could say I am tempted to test my future girlfriends with this game, but I would be lying. This is not something you tell anyone, not even your closest friend.

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