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Guy Snapchats His Dick To Wrong Girl

Guy Snapchats Dick To Wrong Girl

Remember that guy who accidentally sent a dick pick to his girlfriend’s whole family? Well, another unlucky fellow on Reddit did something similar, this time snapchatting his dick to the wrong girl…

Here is how it all went down:

“So I was snapchatting with this girl I knew for a while and things were getting a little heated. I get a snapchat from her with her showing her tits.”

So far so good…

“The only reasonable thing to do was to send her a dick pic. So I send her the dick pic with the caption “you like?” and after maybe an hour without a response I text her asking if she didn’t like my last snapchat.”

Geez, we wonder what could have happened… Maybe she was unimpressed by his pecker and couldn’t stop laughing at its small size for an hour straight? Just maybe…

“She says she never got a picture back. So now I’m like fuck fuck fuck who do I send that dick pic to and I go to check my history and the most recent update was the snapchat from the girl showing me her tits. My stomach immediately sunk because I knew what I did.”

A classic mistake that we should all learn from…

“I go to check my MyStory and there it was. For those of you who don’t know what a MyStory is, you basically post pictures to it and everyone in your SnapChat contacts can see it, which includes about 50 of my friends and family, almost all of which saw my dick.”

Now, who could have been the person on the other side of the snapchat? Who?

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