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Guy Accidentally Shows Dick To Girlfriends Whole Family

Skyping family your dick

Not unless you hate them, skyping your girlfriend’s entire family your dick must be one of the most embarrassing things any guy can do, and one unlucky guy on Reddit was unfortunate to experience it firsthand…

His story starts off with a Skype call to his girl:

“My girlfriend has been on holidays for the last couple of weeks. It kinda sucked because it was our five month anniversary (which she took quite seriously). So we were texting and things started getting suggestive (or at least I think they were) and then she sends a message saying ‘hey babe skype me I have a surprise for you!’”

It was only natural for things to turn sexual, right?

“We have done skype sexy time before and that’s where I thought this was leading. So I flopped it out and skyped her my erect penis taking up the entire screen.”

So loving of him to show his junk in the highest detail possible…

“Then when she answered it was her entire family: mum, dad and two little sisters (7&9) there yelling in unison ‘happy anniversary’ I freaked out and slammed the laptop shut. I since have received two messages from my girlfriend (soon to be ex I imagine) saying ‘what the fuck was that?!!’ And ‘“ANSWER ME!!’”

Damn, son! Even her little sisters saw it…

“It is the a definite dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I kinda wanna die right now.”

One mention of “surprise” and he whips his dick out… I would be ashamed too. Hey, wait a second, who celebrates a 5-month anniversary?

“I know it’s kinda weird that we celebrate each month but yeah I guess we’re pretty young. Five months is pretty long for high school couples so yeah.I still haven’t heard anything from her except another text just saying ‘?’ I don’t have the balls to reply.”

Hell, if my girlfriend’s little sisters, mom and dad saw my sack, I would be stunned too…

“So I decided to man up and text her back, it was the most awkward conversation ever! But it ended with her saying “’maybe we should take a break when I get back’”

Poor guy had to learn the hard way… Have any of you ever sent a dick pick to someone accidentally?

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