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Cows Break Into House And Shit Everywhere



Cows shit in house

As a woman was taking a shower, two cows with nowhere to go and too much time on their hoofs broke into her house and took big lumps of shit everywhere.

Poor Pat Costen came out of the shower smelling fresh only to be greeted with the putrid smell of cow crap. She apparently forgot to lock her door, giving the bovines an opportunity to barge in and empty their bowels.

He her own words:

“I was in the shower and when I came out I could smell something. I looked over the banister and there was large cow dump!”

Not only did the cows defecate all over the place, but they also walked through their feces, tracking it all over her carpet and making sure they left their scent for good. Pat will need nose plugs for months, although we think her dog won’t mind the smell that much…

I wonder what she did with the cows…

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