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This Teddy Bear Gives Oral Sex… No Lie

Teddy Bear gives oral sex

This Teddy Love, a teddy bear that will make women love the stuffed animals even more than they currently do. You see, Teddy Love gives oral sex, and that’s not a lie.

Described as “the bear that loves back,” Teddy Love might be the closest thing to a real life Ted (from the R-rated comedy movie), and as such, may steal your girlfriend. Here is everything you need to know about him:

He was born on a cold, snowy winter’s night in New England when his developer was lonely and wanted to cuddle…

A girl’s best friend is her Teddy Love, Teddy Bear. Teddy Love keeps you warm and satisfied on those long, lonely nights. Teddy Love is a unique, discreet, sexual toy that provides hours of pleasure through its dual, vibrating mechanisms. Teddy Love has soft fur, twinkly eyes and is ohhh…so cuddly. Its discreet vibrating device encourages orgasms.

Direct stimulation is achieved through the variable (10 speed device) discreetly located in Teddy Love’s vibrating nose and tongue.

Teddy Love is a great gift. Give someone a bachelorette, holiday, anniversary, birthday or Valentine gift that they will enjoy over and over. Teddy Love the gift that keeps on giving. It’s also a great partner to just cuddle and fall in love with. Why settle for expensive and noisy stimulators when you can experience the warmth and luxury of Teddy Love, the bear that loves back.

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To say that Teddy Love is the most discrete adult sex toy would almost be an understatement, because god knows he looks like any other teddy bear, albeit a slightly ugly one. He costs $75 and will supposedly make any woman ‘fall in love again’.

Now what’s stopping children from accidentally playing with him?

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