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Everything You Need to Know About Killer Instinct Season 2

TJ Combo punching Jago Xbox


Everything You Need to Know About Killer Instinct Season 2

TJ Combo punching Jago Xbox

Developer Iron Galaxy has released a fact sheet for Killer Instinct Season 2, highlighting many of the new things we can expect. While most fans of the fighting game would have been completely satisfied with just more characters, Season 2 has more in store for us than we originally thought, including a new gameplay mechanic.

Indeed, KI will be getting many new characters, features, modes, and content:

New Characters

A total of eight characters have been confirmed, consisting of both new and classic fighters. With a redesigned TJ Combo already revealed and Cinder seemingly teased, we expect Riptor and — hopefully — Tusk to make a return. As for the completely new characters, it’s all up in the air at the moment.

New Fighting Mechanic

Season 2 will introduce an enhanced combo system with what Iron Galaxy calls “Aerial Recapture”, which will allow players to rack up combos from the ground to the air, or vice-versa!

New Features

Not a tad bit surprising, there will be many new features, customization options, and content for both multiplayer and single player, including a new, sleek and intuitive interface.

We’re not going to lie, the enhanced combo system hit us like a sledge hammer and has us both intrigued and worried. “Why change a system that already seems perfect” was our initially reaction, but “Aerial Recapture” may very well spice up the fighting experience for the better. We want to know what you think.

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