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Guy Tells Girlfriend Mid-BJ That He Had Another Girlfriend, Feels the Pain

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All wise men know that a man’s most vulnerable state is when he’s receiving a blowjob. Say or do anything wrong during the pleasurable act and you might as well say bye-bye to your manlihood.

A reddit user called gray_wurm did the unthinkable during that vulnerable state and jokingly told his girlfriend that he had another girlfriend. Needless to say, she didn’t waste a second to do some damage…

Fortunately for gray_wurm, his weenie remained intact, but he did get his dangly bits pummeled a few times.

Here is how it all went down:

Let me start out by saying that my relationship is currently long distance. I am finishing up school and will be moving back in with my girlfriend (if she doesn’t kill me) after this semester is over. We have been together for years and I truly do love her. Oh, and I’m uncircumcised, this is an important detail.

This happened Valentine’s day weekend. I had a long weekend for school, and drove a little over 6 hours to spend much needed time with my girlfriend. I come a little late, but dinner is cooked and we had a romantic night in. A bottle of wine later, we decide it’s time to take the rest of the evening in the bedroom.

Things are getting pretty hot and she starts going down on me. Mid blow job she notices I have a cut on my dick. I got this cut by jerking off really hard one night. The foreskin was really dry for some reason and I wind up feeling a little burning sensation after I finish up. I check it out and there is a little cut/tear.

She waits for me to answer as I am snapping out of mid blow job euphoria. I smile and thinking I would be funny (we have made each other laugh mid sex tons of times before), I say:
“Oh, my other girlfriend has a lip ring”.

I laugh but she is looking at me horrified. Then all of a sudden, she punches me in the balls. She then starts screaming at me. I try to calm her down, but she punches me in the balls again. She’s now so angry she’s speaking and sobbing in Spanish. I explain to her what really happened after a few minutes in the fetal position. She then yells at me for thinking something like that would be funny to say.

I spent the rest of the night sleeping on the couch with my dog. I cooked her breakfast the next day, but she didn’t talk to me until about lunch time. Thankfully, things are good now and she even acknowledged she was being ridiculous.

TLDR: Made a joke about having another girlfriend mid blow job. Girlfriend punched me in the nuts a few times and yelled at me in Spanish. Was kind of hot. Banished to the living room. Cooked breakfast and all is good.

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