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This Is The Funniest Portrayal Of Whiskey Dick Ever

Even the best of us have been afflicted by the dreadful whiskey dick — you know, having so much to drink that you have trouble getting an erection when the time calls for it and instead falling asleep like a drunk fool? Yup, the infamous whiskey dick…

Women, for an idea of how this feels, just imagine craving breakfast from your favorite restaurant but you arrived at 10:30 am, 30 minutes after they switched over to lunch. And no matter how hard you begged the employee, you’re just not going to get breakfast.

Now replace the breakfast with sex, the employee with a dick, and 12 drinks with 10:30.

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If after that amazing analogy you still don’t understand what it feels like to have whiskey dick, just watch the video above for the clearest of pictures. It’s called Diary Of A Drunk Boner and it will make you laugh out loud.

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