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TJ Combo Punches and Kicks His Way Into New Killer Instinct



One of the baddest characters in Killer Instinct (KI), TJ Combo, leads the way in Iron Galaxy’s preview of KI Season 2 for the Xbox One. The cybernetically-enhanced boxer is back with his punching prowess, plus a host of new moves that involve his legs. Watch the awesome trailer above.

First off, let us know what you think about his new look. Is it how you imagined it would be? Would have preferred something else?

Personally, he resembles a black version of Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr, with his African American character Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder coming to mind.

Almost strictly a heavy-hitting, quick-footed boxer in the original KI and in KI 2 (KI Gold on the Nintendo 64), Combo’s latest move set involves a lot more kicking and even a power slam, leading many to describe him more as an MMA fighter than a boxer. Are you on board with his transformation or do you want Iron Galaxy to go back to the drawing board?

TJ Combo will be one of eight characters that will make up Season 2’s roster, which will bring KI’s total character selection to 17 by the end of 2014. Head over to the comments and let us know which fighter(s) you are looking forward to most.

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