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Kids Get Paint All Over Their Faces, Dad Loses it



Kids, Paint All Over Face

Young kids and paint attract each other like a meteorite hurdling towards a planet — it’s only a matter of time before the two collide. And when they do, you know have a catastrophe on your hands.

That was certainly the case when 3-year-old Ryder and 2-year-old Sawyer DiMario from San Diego, California, got hold of a palette of paint, which they didn’t hesitate to rub all over their faces. When pops finds the pair, he marches them into a bath tub before demanding an explanation. Unfortunately for him, they blame each other with such clumsy conviction that it’s impossible to determine which one masterminded the fiasco!

Recording their guilt-ridden faces covered in hilarious paint patterns, pops couldn’t help but lose his composure, and not in a bad way. Watch how things unfolded in the video below to see exactly what we mean:

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