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Ray Rice Punches Out Wife, Drags Her Like a Rag Doll



Ray Rice and Janay Palmer, Assault

By now, you have either heard or saw the video of football star Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancée (now wife) in an elevator and then dragging her body out like a rag doll. The unmanly act resulted in the Baltimore Ravens running back being suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

For those that are hearing this for the first time, the haymaker Ray Rice laid on Janay Palmer was a whammy, and it’s likely she didn’t know what hit her. See it for yourself:

Even though the video was released near the end of the year, the incident actually took place on Feb. 15th, 2014, at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, after Ray and Janay got into a heated argument on their way into an elevator.

Inside the elevator, Ray apparently hits her first… when she hits back, he delivers a blind-sided knockout blow that sends Janay’s head smashing onto the elevator hand rail, rendering her unconscious.

Seemingly unfazed by what he just did, Ray then proceeds to drag her out of the elevator like a weighted rag doll. Oh the dignity of it all…

Now, we here at Too Manly like macho men, but we detest violent macho men who abuse their power, even if you think Janay had it coming.

What Ray Rice did is inexcusable, but even more shocking is the fact that Janay was quick to forgive him and didn’t file any criminal charges. In fact, the couple got married just one month after the incident. What gives?

Some say true love, while others say she’s sticking around for the money. We don’t know what goes on in their personal lives, so we will reserve judgement until more details emerge.

Do you think Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension from the NFL was justified? If so, was it enough of a punishment for punching his wife out cold? We are dying to know your thoughts in the comments.

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